Hello friends! It’s been entirely too long since we’ve chatted, and certainly too long since Brian and I have been to Winslow—the longest we’ve been away since buying property in 2010.

The Work

While our work may not be obvious from the outside, inside, we’ve made great progress, clearing a ton of stuff from the back of the building. Not exactly glamorous work, but necessary in order to make space and begin renovations. After a couple more dump trips (thanks George!) …Junk Pile

…the room is finally starting to feel manageable.

Even little things like grouping the miscellaneous parts and bits made things feel so much more organized.

We also cleared pounds of outdated price guides and paperwork from the office, along with a couch and chair. We also cleaned the carpet. It’s nice to have a tidy spot to relax, plus, the space has a really cool feel. 

If you’re walking around downtown, you may notice new window lettering, thanks to Harold at House of Tint…

…and at the Palace, there’s now a window poster explaining some of the building’s history.


During our sorting process, we found crates of lamp parts, a thrill for Brian since making lamps has long been an interest. In college, he made a few that we have to this day.

Old Lamp Parts

The parts were all piled in a corner, taking up far too much floor space. They now have a home thanks to the desks and credenzas we found stacked in the back room (originally from Valley National Bank).

Brian didn’t waste any time putting stuff together in his new workspace, including hanging a neat old fixture appropriate for the “lamp fixing department.”

What’s Next

Curtis Hardy will be taking care of tuck-pointing and other masonry issues on both buildings.

Once we clear enough space, we can start moving pieces from the front to the back and get to work making the future store space pretty. Lots of work ahead… but that’s part of the fun, right?

For now, enjoy the latest window display at the Emporium, featuring a cool little handmade go-cart Brian picked up last year…

Old go cart

… and some RC Cola crates my Uncle Steve uncovered in a defunct bottling plant he bought in Kentucky.

RC Cola Crates

See you next time!

Lori and Brian

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2 thoughts on “Spring Update”

  1. Hi! I’m so glad to hear from you, again. I hope to see your doors open real soon. This weekend would have been a great time, due to the Cardinals appearance in town! There are over a thousand people expected for this event. I can’t wait to see the great items you will have for sale. Let me know if you will be supporting the local artists in town. We have a lot of talent, here.
    Good luck with all the work involved and please know that everyone is aniously awaiting your grand opening!!

  2. So, how is it that I am just finding this 2 months after publication, I wanna know!!
    Love before and after, and should get in gear with my own website!
    You’re just the inspiration I need!

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